Flat Brook Farm



On Target CR Rosa 4/24/15

LA: 2016 Ec  EcEcV

Rosa is a sweet little girl with gorgeous dairy character and strong general appearance.  As the daughter of our best doe, Riza, and the impressively pedigreed Charlie we cannot wait to see how she matures!  

  Photo taken 2016

On Target MT Paprika II  5/17/2015

LA: 2016 V  VVV

It was quite a surprise when Thyme gifted us with one last doe kid before her scheduled retirement.  Named for her great granddam and the most lovely goat we've ever owned, "Phoenix", as we call her, is quite the looker!  Even as a kid she has one of those bodies (and personalities) that just draws your attention.  She showcases her sire's width and strength while combining it with her dam's style and dairy character.   Photo taken 2016