Flat Brook Farm


We have been making soaps using the fresh milk from our goats since 2009. We use sodium hydroxide, fresh goat milk, and natural oils in the making of our soaps.  This and creates a wonderful soap that is gentle on the skin, but cleans beautifully!  

We try to keep a stock of all the scents, but sometimes get behind.  Because our soaps are handmade, we have to cure the soap after it is made.  Occasionally, you will have to wait a little while for our soaps to 'mature'.  But, rest assured, it is worth the wait!



 Here we have three different types of soap in the molds just after being made.  It takes three weeks for soap to cure after it has been made.  All our soap is made right in our basement, so when you buy from us you know you are getting a genuine hand crafted, unique product.


To order:  Call or email us with your orders and we will get back to you on shipping charges. 

Please let us know if there is a fragrance that you would like and you don't see it on our list.


The Soaps

We have many different scents in our bar soaps and we often add more!  If there is a scent that you want and you don't see it, ask us! 

Cost $4.00 OR 3 Bars for $10.00 plus shipping. 



Almond-One of our favorite fragrances, it is a strong, but sweet scent that everyone sees to love! 

Apple- a lovely spicy smell that makes one think of baked apples or apple crisp.

Baby Rose-Lighter than the traditional rose scent, this fragrance reminds us of the sweet scent of rosebuds.

Berry Wine- a sharp, sweet smell that really catches your attention!  It is the most fruity of our soap scents.

Cedar- Everyone has loved the Cedar scent of the strong scrub, so we decided to make Cedar without the eggshells for those that don't want the exfoliant.

Chocolate Espresso- The scent of rich chocolate paired with freshly brewed espresso.

Charcoal Lavender- The same great scent as our regular lavender, but with the addition of charcoal to the soap.  The charcoal makes the soap even better for your skin and feels great! 

Cucumber Melon-This scent is perfect for spring and summer!  It is a little on the fruity side, leaning towards melon rather than cucumber.    

Energy-A sharp strong fragrance, kind of a blend of citrus smells.  It is almost like the smell of some energy drinks. 

Evergreen-Smells just like a forest, piney, brick, and fresh!

Dragon's Blood- A heavy smell reminiscent of incense.  

Fresh Snow- This fragrance is designed to mimic the felling of peace and tranquility after a fresh snowfall.

Heather and Hyacinth-This fragrance is more Hyacinth than Heather.  It smells like a stroll through the most lovely of proper English gardens.   

Lavender-A great scent, strong enough to be noticeable, but not enough to be overpowering. 

Lavender Forest- An earthier alternative to the traditional lavender scent.

Lemongrass- a lemon scent with earthy undertones.

Lemon Verbena-a clean, sharp lemon scent that is invigoration and uplifting.

Lilac- A soft floral scent.  Very true to the flower.

Lily of the Valley-This was one of the fragrances we used in some of our first batches and we are bringing it back!  It is one of the few scents that does not discolor the soap in the slightest, giving us a white soap, rather than the normal cream color. 

Moroccan Mint- For those who love the smell of mint but dislike the tingle of peppermint oil, this is the soap for you!

Oatmeal-We combined the scents of our favorites, almond and vanilla, and added a little oatmeal as an exfoliant.  Good for your skin and smells WONDERFUL!  

Ocean Rain-This scent is great for the guys!  With the clean smell of traditional rain scents, but with the sharp tang of ocean smells too!  

Orange- Sweet and perky, this smell is a great one to wake up to in the morning!

Patchouli- Musky, fragrant, and deep.  Our patchouli scent is a little lighter than some people prefer.   

Pumpkin Spice-a dark, creamy and rich soap with hints of Cinnamon, Cardamom and Nutmeg.  Real pumpkin, high in vitamins A and C and Zinc, is added to this soap.

Sandalwood-A soft, woody fragrance.  A comforting sort of smell.

Simply Soap-This is the name of our Unscented soap.  We make this especially for people with sensitive skin or allergies who would be unable to enjoy our soaps otherwise.  It does not have any fragrance oil or coloring.  

Strong Scrub- This cedar scented soap contains crushed eggshells, making it ideal for removing dirt or grease from your hands.  Great for gardeners or mechanics!  

Sugar Plum Fairy-This Christmas fragrance is a favorite with everyone, especially the younger crowd!  With a sweet, candy like smell, this scent is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit, even in the heat  of summer!  

Tangerine-A light citrus fragrance.  It smells like a fruit that begins with a T and ends with an angerine.  A delight to smell all day! 

Tea Tree- We use real tea tree oil in this soap so it has mild antiseptic properties as well as a great smell.

Vanilla Bean-The wonderful scent of vanilla, with just a hint of cream.  We call the soap Vanilla Bean because the fragrance oil turns the soap a brown color, just like a Vanilla bean.   


Felted Soaps

Our felted soaps are a specialty product that make for great gifts, stocking stuffers, or even just decorative pieces!  We cover a bar of our soap with wool, add a design, and wet felt it.  The felted wool acts as a built in soft washcloth.  Its fun for the kids, in the guest bath, or just as a treat for you.  The soap lasts longer than an unfelted bar-the felted wool shrinks around the soap as the soap shrinks.  We can use any of our bars and will felt the design you request.  The cost is $8.00 + shipping and handling.

Here are just a few examples of designs we have felted onto our bars in the past.  If you can't tell, our main felter is a fan of video games!


Hearts, butterflies, and a snowflake made for Valentine's Day.

The New England Patriot's Logo, a Christmas reindeer, and a brown cow.

A black and white mage from the renowned Final Fantasy video game franchise.


The symbol from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, and Rosa from Final Fantasy IV.


Tetra from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Amarant Coral from Final Fantasy IX, and Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Classic Nintento character Kirby.