Flat Brook Farm

For Sale


2018 kids are on the ground and looking for new homes!

2018 Kidding Schedule  

 Doe Bred to
 Kidded  Price Kidded With
 Welbian-Farm's MF Merlin
 4/9$3502 does

  1 doe available

1 doe retained


 Welbian-Farm's MF Merlin

 4/11$350 2 bucks
1 buck available

 Lesniak-Hills MA-KA   Poseidon

 4/27 (due)
 $350  1 doe retained


Neutered males may be purchased as pets for $75.

All kids are disbudded, neutered (if applicable and if old enough), and given vaccinations (depending on their age) before leaving the farm.  If you wish to purchase an animal with horns, please let us know before the kids are born. 

Flat Brook Farm reserves the right to retain any kids that are born at any time. 

Reservations are taken on a "first come first serve" basis.  A $50.00 non refundable deposit is required to reserve a kid.  If the requested sex is not present, the buyer may pick from other non reserved kids. 

If the agreed upon date for pickup or delivery needs to be rescheduled it must be done within two weeks of the original date (excluding extenuating circumstances).  After two weeks the buyer is responsible for paying board at $1.00 a day in addition to the purchase price of the animal.