Flat Brook Farm

Milking Does

Welbian-Farm's RS Ruth  3/31/12

LA: 2016 85 VV++ 

Miss Ruthie retains the general appearance we prized in her mother while adding refinement in dairy character.  Her udder is extremely capacious and well proportioned.  The fact that she is a lovely affectionate animal and a great mother is a plus!  

Photo taken 2013


On Target Allspice   6/8/12

LA: 2016 88 VEEV

Spice retained the lovely general appearance of her dam, as seen in her dam sister Thyme, but most definitely exhibits her sire's dairy character, legginess, and style.  She freshened with a nicely shaped and well attached little udder.  She has certainly matured into a lovely doe who takes after her grandmother.

Photo taken 2016


Flat Brook Toblerone 3/9/13

LA: 2016 86 VEVV

As the only daughter of our recorded grade champion DC, Tobi is special and she knows it!  Tobi combines all the good traits of her sire, a lovely topline, strong feet and legs, height, and dairy character, with those of her mother, great body capacity, expressive head, and powerful build, into one awesome package!  As a first freshener her mammary system is small but extremely correct.

Photo taken 2015


On Target RR Riza  6/11/13

LA: 2016 89 VEVE

Riza is a sweet little girl who takes after her mother, Ruth, in many ways.  She does certainly improve on her mother in body capacity and overall correctness of her udder.  She is a prolific milker with the nicest fore and rear udder attachments of our herd!

  Photo taken 2015


On Target RT Taragon 3/19/2014

LA: 2016 83 +V++

Tara or "Princess" is the long awaited doe kid out of our beloved Thyme. She is still immature and a little on the gawky side right now, but we have hopes that she will grow into herself as she gets older.  

Photo taken 2016


Reference Does

CH Flat Brook Dark Chocolate  6/26/03

DC was our first permanent champion and will always hold a special place in our heart.  She is the herd queen and knows exactly how pretty she is.  She has immense body capacity, but enough dairy character so that this does not compromise her femininity.  Photo taken 2014


Welbian Farm's RB Rachel  3/15/05

We were thrilled when Donna Pearce gave us the opportunity to lease Rachel.  She was incredibly tall and long with great general appearance and dairy character overall.  While her udder was not the most capacious it was well attached and with a nice shape.  We sadly lost her to complications from a late term abortion at nine years old.

 (No photo available)


On Target Sage Advice   4/26/06

Baby Sage was retired early after surviving a serious disease.  She has strong feet and legs as well as great body capacity.  It took her a while to grow into herself, but the end result was worth it!

  Photo taken 2013


 On Target Right on Thyme   4/22/08

Like many of our other "spice" line goats Thyme has great general appearance, with especially nice feet and legs.  As a kid and yearling she was undefeated in her age group.  She is a fantastic producer with a large, nicely attached udder.  She is a fantastic mother and an easy kidder.   

  Photo taken approx. 2011