Flat Brook Farm


 Welbian-Farm's MF Merlin    5/1/13

LA: 2016 89 VEE

 Merlin is a powerfully built buck with incredible width and strength.  His dam, Magic Touch, appraised 89 VEEV at only three years old.  His pedigree includes multiple national champions and high appraising animals, and Merlin sure acts like he knows he is hot stuff!  His kids are extremely growthy with powerful builds and lovely straight legs.  He is also the clear winner for best beard and hair!

Photo taken 2016



Photos taken 2014, before and after a trimming of his fantastic hairdo! 

Reference Bucks

Welbian-Farm's RR Renegade   2/16/10

We are so happy to had the chance to purchase this wonderful man!  He had strong feet and legs, a smooth shoulder, great breed character, was very tall and powerful, and had a strong history of beautiful animals in his pedigree.  His sire, Rowe's Falcon Rendezvous was named the premier Toggenburg sire at the 2014 ADGA national show.  His kids have consistently great general appearance and capacious udders.  He was also the most well mannered buck we've had the pleasure of knowing, a true gentleman.  We sadly lost him to unknown complications in 2015.

Photo taken 2013 Photo taken 2014


Cottage-Hill Trevors Rebel   4/21/05

Rebel had a great influence on our Togg herd, leaving a legacy of does with strong general appearance and amazing udder capacity.  But as he had been our only buck for many years it got the the point where our girls were simply too closely related.

 (No photo available)


Welbian-Farm's FC Crescendo  3/1/14

Crescendo, or Charlie as we call him, is a stylish buckling with an incredibly expressive face.  He and Merlin may be paternal half brothers, but the two could not be any more different!  He already looks as though he will be a tall dairy animal with strong feet and good angulation to his hind legs.  His bloodlines include some of the best animals on the east and west coast, including two national champions, multiple permanent champions, and breed leaders in milk production.  Sold to Syman Says Farm in 2015 due to time constraints necessitating herd reduction.

Photo taken 2015